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Diet & Health

Chasteberry – Has Some Unexpected Side Effects. Have A Look

Agamoni Das

Chasteberry Is Actually The Fruit Of A Chaste Tree. There Is No Doubt That

Black Sopate – Has Got Some Unbelievable Benefits. Have A Look On These


Black Sopate Is Commonly Known As Chocolate Poding Fruit. In Most Of The Ti

Dry Nose? Not To Worry Anymore. Here Are Some Home Remedies


Nose Is One Of The Most Sensitive Body Parts. And Dry Nose Is A Terrible Pr

Beauty & Fashion

Easy Yet Effective Tips To Prevent Neck Wrinkles


When You Look At A Beautiful Girl Or A Woman, You Automatically First Tell

Vaseline – the best eye Makeup remover


Makeup is not a mask. It is an artistry. It is a passion, an expression, it

7 Awesome Waterproof Foundations for Women


The glittering smile, the sharp twinkling eyes, the perfectly shaped face c


The Dior Coffee at Saint Tropez, France - Settle in Tranquil

Vishal Aaditya Kundu

With a stunning outdoor patio setting, and white table clothes spread out u

Why Should Couple Go For Honey Moon Trip Every Year??

Rahul Rawat

Ask most of the couples how many times they have been for Honey Moon; proba

Tree Of Life Resort & Spa, Kukas- Jaipur :A Splash Of Colours In The Dry Desert!!

jyoti kumari

Heading to Jaipur, the heritage Pink City, could be the reason to get soake

Top 10

Does Your Relationship Need a Break?


A break provides a valuable space between a couple where they can introspec

5 Bold Breast Tattoo Ideas, Ask Your Tattoo Artist Today!


Looking for having a bold tattoo on your breast to reclaim your feminity an

The Perfume Museums of Paris - Welcome to the World of Scent !

Vishal Aaditya Kundu

The beautiful capital of France has two of the beautiful Perfume Museums in

Bollywood Glamour

Judwaa 2 is Varun Dhawan’s Highest Grosser Ever - Crosses SRK

Vishal Aaditya Kundu

udwaa 2 has brought in a storm at the box office by firing up the collectio

10 Most Controversial Pictures of Bollywood Celebrities


Controversy is the other name of stardom. Bollywood might have given the ce

5 Most Controversial Upcoming Bollywood Movies

Vishal Aaditya Kundu

Bollywood and Controversy are two things, which never leave each other. But

Hollywood Glamour

Annabelle’s Next Part All Ready to Set Theatres in India on August 18

Vishal Aaditya Kundu

Annabelle’s next part, Annabelle - Creation’ is all ready to arrive at

Narcos Season 3 All Ready to Release - Gets Premiere Date and Drug Kingpin

Vishal Aaditya Kundu

Pablo Escobar is dead now, and another drug empire will be rising up in lat

Only Two More Movies as Captain America, says Chris Evans

Vishal Aaditya Kundu

There might be some really bad news for all the Captain America fans. Going

Hair Style

7 Of The Best Breath Taking Ideas To Highlight Your Caramel


Caramel, well who on this planet is not fascinated and sensualised by just

High Lift Hair Colour- What Is It & How It’s Different From Bleaching?

Rahul Rawat

Well, who among us not love to blonde hair platinum or light? Most of you

Moroccan oil Treatment Review


Hair has been one of the most required beauty element among our beauty feat